Lake Geneva, Switzerland

Lake Geneva is a crescent-shaped lake shared between France and Switzerland and overlooked by the Alps.

Geneva, the Swiss city at its southern tip, is a diplomatic hub with luxury shops and a cobbled old town. On the southern, French side is the spa town and resort of Évian-Les-Bains. The chic, palm-studded Swiss Riviera stretches along the north shore from Lausanne to Montreux.

Falling in love with Lake Geneva is easy… with unique events, colours, tastes, and wonders for each and every season.

Flights & transfers

Geneva International Airport is very conveniently located on the outskirts of Genève right on the Swiss-French border.

Flight time from London to Geneva is approximately 1hr 45 mins and transfer time around 45 mins


When we choose a hotel for you, we look for comfort. Ensure that it is close to tourist sites and within walking distance to nearby towns. Our aim is to serve you with a minimum of a 4-star hotel, that offers a full breakfast, a relaxing lounge, comfortable beds, easy bathroom facilities, and 24-hour medical assistance.

Meals & Drinks

Meals are included in your holiday. You will be served breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Lunch and dinner will be at selected restaurants serving local dishes or if you prefer, an Indian meal. Meals are vegetarian or vegetarian none the choice is yours.


Our excursions are carefully planned as part of your holiday. They will be local so no long coach journeys getting there and back. There will be ample things to do and see but we’ll pick the ones best suited to you. We will set out on our private coach to see the sights and gaze at Geneva’s impressive landmarks as you listen to informative commentary from an expert guide. Marvel at the vibrant Geneva Flower Clock, a picturesque dial suspended over beautiful gardens, and capture photographs of the equally impressive Geneva Fountain a water feature that propels water to a height of 140 meters (459 feet).

Continue our tour with a tram ride through the ambient tangle of city streets.

Climb aboard a boat for the tour’s dramatic finale, a 50-minute cruise on the shimmering surface of Lake Geneva, widely considered Europe’s most beautiful lake. Absorb sweeping vistas of the city from your idyllic vantage point and then scour the scenery for the snow-capped perimeter of the Alps. So, no rushing, no long queuing, just take your time to enjoy yourself. We will stop for a break, snack, coffee, chai whenever you feel like it.

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